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King Salmon
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Default hells canyon report april 2-9

cold, windy, a few rain events, one snow. Catfishing was good off the bank if you could catch fresh bait. I could not catch anything out of the boat, when the weather was nice water flow was blowing out my normal anchor spots. No crappie at all, a few trout, a few suckers, 1 squaw fish, 1 carp. We kept about 15 nice sized cats. released about 30+ little cats. The squaw fish was a big one and it caught most of the large cats, filet it then cut into minnow sized strips, with trout guts coming in second, night crawlers third. If you can catch bait, catfishing is on. I broke off one big cat, 28lb spider wire running a 20lb mono leader, may have been a bad knot or nicked line but it was big. Not a sturgeon

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Default Re: hells canyon report april 2-9

Sounds like a cool trip. I spent april 8th ninth and tenth at oxbow. 3 of us didnt even get a bite on oxbow. Water was raging through there. Did see one guy catch a couple of crappies from the bank. We launched the yaks up on brownlee at woodhead and managed to catch about 25 crappies ( 3 blacks, rest whites) almost all of which were over 12 inches, very nice. 4 smallies , all about 12 inches, and one 6lb cat. Weather for us, other than windy, was actually pretty nice.
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Default Re: hells canyon report april 2-9

Thanks for the report guy's.
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