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Default Kelly Point .. last chance for 2001 .. ouch!

Back already with boat-load-a. Three good fish 43" to 44".

Anchor [email protected]$%!!

Don't expect much sympathy from me or others when you come to church inexperienced and unprepared. When a boat bearing a 2001 Fishing Guide tag tried repeatedly to hook his anchor onto mine and drag me cussing up the Willamette, he got no sympathy.

He went home minus 200' of line and a store bought anchor.

Let me say it again, go practice anchoring somewhere that completly lacks other boats.

Practicing your anchoring technique in a hog line is a bad idea. Using less than 200' of line to anchor in the 100' hole is a bad idea. Not having something that floats on the end of your anchor line is a bad idea. And stupid anchor trick number one is anchoring in or near the channel without some form of functional anchor puller on you line could be fatal.

Ok venting over, urge to kill fading .. fading .. gone.

Go fish the Columbia for sturgeon. Many, many keepers in right now. We released 5 or 6 and bagged three. Everyone in sight had at least one.

Happy New Year.

BTW if any Ifishers need some anchoring lessons E me and I'll take you out and show you the basics.
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