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Old 11-18-2003, 11:05 PM   #1
Ifish Nate
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Default white meat salmon?

I know...you are probably thinking what I was thinking when I first heard about it . Here is a little background on the question. A buddy of mine caught a 25 pound chrome buck out of the ghost hole about a week ago. When he cut into the fish he found that the meat was white or pale looking . It was firm and the fish even had sea lice. Since then I have been talking to a few people and I keep hearing these stories about a white meat salmon. The theories on this phenom seem to vary but the theme of hatchery and native mix keeps popping up. Does anyone out there have any additional information on this?

Call me curious!
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Default Re: white meat salmon?

I think its just because they dont eat enough keratin which they get by eating shrimp. White kings are good but not to common.
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Miss B Haven
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Default Re: white meat salmon?

There's a run of Frasier River Chinook that all have white meat.
Maybe they are vegetarians and won't eat shrimp! :grin:
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Default Re: white meat salmon?

Lost Tule.

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Default Re: white meat salmon?

we get a mix of white and red meat kings and the white kings are a great fish to smoke. the vedder(fraiser) river fish are always white...DJ
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id. painter
Ifish Nate
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Default Re: white meat salmon?

My brother is a wildlife biologist and he catches these fish often on the north end of Vancouver Is.. He did some research ,, what I was told was that these fish were the prized fish for its white meat before canned tuna became the big thing. He also claims that they are bait fish eaters and that is why the lack of red or color in the meat. The white Salmon river is named after this run of fish ,,, and that river was famous for the white salmon before the dam went in.The dam killed that run . This all I know.
Oh ,, and he says that they smoke up fantastic. More like kippered herring flavor. id. painter
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