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Default To license a trailer??

Living in Oregon, I never had to worry about licensing the trailer of my 16ft Starcraft. However, I recently purchased a 20ft aluminum boat from a guy living in Washington and haven't yet got a straight answer about the trailer in OR. The boat is now titled and registered to me, but the trailer?? Even a lady at DMV wasn't quite sure (certainly not the sharpest tool in the "State Shed") whether it's based on Gross weight or boat length or overall length or?. Anyone have a clue? thanks
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Default Re: To license a trailer??

Yes it is based on weight. Under 1800 lbs is exempt. Otherwise go to DMV and get some trailer paperwork and tags.

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Default Re: To license a trailer??

1800 is right. Plus- the police can require you to drive to a weigh station if they think otherwise.

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Default Re: To license a trailer??

zigzag, i have a 16 foot and was so close on the weight (was a little under) i just went ahead and bought the lic. Not worth the hassels.
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Default Re: To license a trailer??

Go ahead and pay the license fee for your trailer if the boat is close. If you head for the fishing grounds and throw in ice chest, tackle, rods, or whatever you stand to go over the weight limit. As stated, if the troopers think you may be over, they can require you to weigh it. If in doubt, go to any scales you see and weigh the thing yourself. It's free.
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