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Default Thanks to Jennie for this thread

We are all of us going through something or other from time to time and its nice of Jennie to have placed this forum, this thread, thank you Jennie.

Lord knows I am right now and I cannot see a solution to it. For all I've tried it just won't change. It has caused me so much stress that I think its possible it has helped to cause my cancer. So I am talking with family members, and changing my diet to grass-fed beef and lots more fish from cold waters only and certified organic veggies and fruit. But mostly I wish I could find a way to make a change in the life situation that truly needs help.

So without all the details, please reach out to others in your family and friends that appear to be having troubles, whether its drugs, alcohol, addiction, anger, isolation, whatever it is, and try to be patient, try to re-establish contact, show you care and don't expect much back. What ever is causing this problem is hurting them more than it is you. They want our of it too, but they just can't seem to make it happen. Love them is all you can do but if you can do more, please do.

Following all fishing/hunting org's that don't follow gillnetters, these folks need job retraining
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Bill Rogue V.
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Default Re: Thanks to Jennie for this thread

Rich, thanks for sharing your hard-earned wisdom. Good thoughts and prayers that you get your issues resolved in a positive way, and that those you love and care about respond from their hearts.
The language of God is science.
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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: Thanks to Jennie for this thread

Bumping this up so my brothers thread isn't staring me in the face.

I agree, Rich took the time to reach out to me and I was just extremely busy with my own flailing. Thanks Rich, I'm trying to focus on others as much as I can. I truely wish you the best ! Happy Thanksgiving. It's going to be a struggle in our family, but we are going to do the best we can.
- Chris

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Joe Schwab
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Default Re: Thanks to Jennie for this thread

One must open their mind to God and accept the good as well as that which they don't understand. Scientists toss aside notions they cannot process. I'll take God any day. I may have made mistakes in my life but without God, there is nothing! I have been near death twice and both times felt a welcoming peace.

God Bless those who understand and God help those who refuse to try!

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