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Default ifish admin thoughts (and helpful info?)

(Note: I am copying this to a couple forums, but if you'd like to comment, so that I can find all comments, please post them to the main thread, here.)

As I ramble about, doing my ifish admin work, there are several times that I wish I had time to convey things to people, but I'm busy with a project at hand, so I just go on to something else.
There are three (four? five?) things that fall into this category. Follow along, if you are interested.
I figure that about 50%t of our membership may read part of it, and perhaps 25% will actually follow (part of) my advice. But, that's OK. Each time I post it, we will get a couple more people who will follow through.
It's not a matter of disrespect. (Well, I hope, anyhow!) It's just that people get into habits that are difficult to break. Especially when it's just not that life changing-important!
Here we go!

The Back button

Our forum software wasn't designed to use the back button, while browsing different threads, etc. Vbulletin software keeps track of what you have read. If you use the back button, it still keeps track of what you read, but it doesn't show for you. If you can, please learn to use the top left file directory, underneath the area that displays the largest advertising banner. If you are reading at the bottom of the page, you'll see the bottom right link that allows you to "go back" by saying "Go fish". You can leave it at the forum you are reading, or even choose a different forum to read.
If you use those two buttons instead of the back button, (admittedly a difficult task to relearn!) you will see that the forums/threads you have not read will be bolded and the ones you have read will be plain text. Cool, huh?

Advanced edit
Many people ask the mods if they will change the title of their thread for them.
You will see that when you hit "edit" on your post, (Which is available for like 60 days or so after you post any post) you are not able to edit the title. But, if you click "advanced edit" after you click edit, (It's at the bottom of your post, like the edit button was), you have a plethora of new options! Try it! You might like it!

The attachment feature is meant for documents. Written documents like word, or pages extensions. It was never intended to display pictures. This one does bother me, because when I had ifish I paid good money for our photo program, where you have your own space to post pictures! As many as you like! (I think it's still that way, too!)
You can post pictures with the attachment feature, but each account only allows you a tiny bit of space. Like, enough for 10 photos or so, depending on size. Documents don't take up much space, but pictures can be huge space eaters!
So, get to know your photo gallery! It has really neat features!
Oh! That made me think of one more thing!

I have to be careful how to word this. But, I_Don't_like_Tapatalk. How is that for careful? Hey! I don't like the ifish mobile experience, either.
I like plain ifish.net the way it is written for the desktop, when I'm on my phone or ipad. But, I especially don't like tapatalk and I don't know why people use it.
Did you know that Tapatalk records and keeps all the links you click on? If you'll notice, they have updated their privacy policy and now they have rights to almost everything you do.
Your choice, of course, but I no use atapa talka! I gave it a chance when it first came out, and it was a no-go for this girl. I like to keep my information MY information!
OK, I'm posting this to the discussion forum! And then I'm going out to kick crunchy leaves. It's going to rain tomorrow, so I am going out to enjoy the crunch while it's here! I love this time of year!

...and of course...
Need help logging in?
Click Here on the contact ifish form or pm me. Give me your moniker(s), name, and updated e mail.
Make sure to tell me if you have a new moniker, also! I can merge them into one! We'd rather you keep your first user name, so that people know who you are.

Have a Great Day!



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