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Default Moving to Alaska

Anybody have experience moving a household from Northwest up to Fairbanks.
Shipper?, or what worked or maybe more important, what didn't work. Thanks, Radioactive

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King Salmon
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Default Re: Moving to Alaska

Good luck and enjoy your new adventure

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Default Re: Moving to Alaska

Helped little brother move down from there after 23 years.
Fun drive. 2 full trucks. Cassiar hwy.
Bring spare tires and windshields.
Tons of wildlife and scenery.
Springtime drive.
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Default Re: Moving to Alaska

Alaska Marine Lines can drop a container to your current house, pick it up once you have it loaded, and deliver it to your new address in AK.
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Crazy Outdoors
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My buddy just moved up north this year. I know the biggest issue he had was his truck that was being shipped up became a convertible. I will ask him if he still gets on here and see if he might have some info.
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My Cousin and her husband just made this move earlier in the year. Packed everything in a 20' shipping container. They bought a small cargo trailer and packed everything they thought they may need IF the container didn't show up on time. In the cargo trailer They brought air mattresses, sleeping bags, clothes, etc just in case. They had a great drive up and were prepared just In case.

Enjoy your new adventure!
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Default Re: Moving to Alaska

I lived in the Fairbanks area for 33+ years and go back fairly frequently. Shipping things into the state is expensive. Familiarize yourself with what the replacement cost of things you will want is up there and decide if it's worth it to ship what you may already have. There isn't a sales tax in Fairbanks. There is what we used to refer to as the AGF though. The Alaska Greed Factor. Some merchants will really mark things up and try to lay it all onto the freight costs.

I've used Allied before, to and from Alaska, and was happy with the service. Things like good quality cargo trailers go for good money around Fairbanks. If you have a truck capable of pulling one, consider getting the largest you can realistically tow when it's loaded and take a load up yourself. At least with a quality trailer to sell you can recoup some of your moving costs. It's an easy drive these days. If you have a spouse willing to drive you could consider buying a good used truck and a trailer for it as well, and sell both up there.
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Default Re: Moving to Alaska

I moved to Anchorage and back. Used Bekins, but my employer paid for it.

When I made the drive north, I saw more than one cargo trailer abandoned on the side of the road. They just couldn't take the beating.

Another option could be pack everything in a BIG cargo trailer and ship it ahead like you'd ship a car. that way you don't have to tow it.
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Default Re: Moving to Alaska

We moved up from Vancouver in 1998 and used a company that dropped off a 40' container in front of our house in Vancouver. After we loaded it they picked it up and a couple weeks later it arrived in our driveway in Alaska. Worked great, cost about $4000 back then.
While the container was enroute we drove up, took about 5 days but we didn't waste any time on the way. If we were to do it again we'd take a few more days and enjoy the drive more.
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