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King Salmon
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Default Dayton Boat Ramp

Anyone ever use it? Can you get to the Willamette from there? How far to the Will. Or is it easier to just put in at Wheatland?


I'm on vacation until I get back.
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Point-of-Sale Clerk
Ifish Nate
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Default Re: Dayton Boat Ramp

I put in at Dayton about 4 times this summer while searching for the illusive smallies. It is very much easier just to go to wheatland as there are many deadheads and snags lurking in that part of the Yamhill. When water levels are low the Dayton ramp has a nasty drop off that can hang up a boat trailer. :depressed:

Before it was closed, Grand Island had a so-so ramp that allowed easy access to the Willamette but the Department of Transportation closed it to vehicle traffic and now that area is an ODFW supported bird hunting area.
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Default Re: Dayton Boat Ramp

Dito to all of the above!!! Try Wheatland
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King Salmon
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Default Re: Dayton Boat Ramp

Ditto, stay away from my ramp!

It's a real kick to run the Yamhill on up when the river is high. I've talked to a few people who'd like to make an attempt at getting clear up to Willamina when the water is up, but there are some mighty nasty log jams that would prevent it, methinks.

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