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Default Lotta Bucketmouths yesterday!!

Orejas, myself, and his/our girlfriend (just kidding RJ) hit up one of my local hotstops and picked up about 15 largemouth yesterday. He and his girl each got two, and you can figure out who picked up the rest!!

He took a pic, I believe, with his camera phone, so maybe he can add that to this post. If not, most came on 4" lizards, and a few on Rapalas and spinnerbaits. Warm weather = hot fish!! It was 83 degrees here yesterday, so it was fun in the sun.

Most fish were in the 2lb. range, but I got two that were pushing 4 and Orejas' girl's fish was about 3lbs. or so.

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Default Re: Lotta Bucketmouths yesterday!!

Congrats! I hit up Vernonia yesterday alone and caught a great deal as well using black and florescent purple lizards and spinnerbaits. The biggest one measured at 18.5in, largemouth with a FAT belly. That fish freakin teased me all day! Swam within 5 feet of me 10 times before it actually took my bait... Anyway congrats.

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