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Stan Fagerstrom
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Default New Hook Lets You Get The Drop On ‘Em

New Hook Lets You Get The
Drop On ‘Em

By Stan Fagerstrom

Those sharpshooters at Gamakatsu have done it again.

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Want to use the Drop Shot technique in and around heavy cover? If the answer is yes you need to see these new Gamakatsu Wicked Wacky hooks. They offer features never before available.

What they’ve come up with this time is a hook that provides an entirely new way to approach some of our bass fishing problems. Have you heard about or seen a new Gamakatsu hook called the “Wicked Wacky”?

If you haven’t, you’re going to want to. Hooks designed especially for the Wacky Style method of fishing a plastic worm have been around for a long time. This new one is different.

Some of the expert anglers on the Gamakatsu staff were involved in the testing of these new hooks before they were put on the market. One of the men deeply involved in that testing was Jeff Roberts. Jeff not only fishes, he also is involved in the marketing of them. He’s an assistant sales manager out of Gamakatsu’s Tacoma, Washington headquarters.

I’ve talked to Jeff about this new hook. I want to share some of the things he told me about it with you.

“The super way in which the Wicked Wacky hooks can be used for Drop Shot fishing is one of their primary strong points,” Roberts says. “Many of us have been conditioned to believe Drop Shotting is a deep water finesse presentation using small baits and light line. Our Wicked Wacky allows for a whole new Drop Shot presentation.”

Jeff knows what he’s talking about. The new Gamakatsu hooks are heavier than those usually associated with Drop Shot fishing. If you know bass, you’re aware they often hang around cover of one kind or another. Hook a good one on light gear where the cover is heavy and you’re asking for trouble.

Roberts says these brand new hooks permits anglers to use a power Drop Shot procedure than the fish have rarely seen. This is made possible by the heavier hook, its weed guards and the unique fashion in which the hook has been made.

Be prepared for a surprise the first time you eyeball one of these Wicked Wacky hooks up close and careful. As far as I know there’s nothing else out there like it. If there is, I’ve not seen it.

There are, of course, a variety of hooks especially designed for presenting a plastic worm Wacky Style. One of the differences that you’ll immediately note in the Wicked Wacky is that it is weedless. The dual plastic weed guards protecting the hook point aren’t those easily bent or damaged jobs that have to be changed the first time a sizeable bass chomps down on them.

Also certain to get your attention is the unusual shape of the hook itself. It has a up turned eye and as is readily apparent, it is heavier and stronger than what you’re used to seeing in hooks designed for Wacky Style fishing.

“The Wicked Wacky is actually built on our upturned eye shiner hooks,” Roberts says. “These hooks were originally designed especially for live bait fishing. As anyone who has used them well knows, they are deadly hookers. They almost always nail the bass that chomps down on them in the upper part of the jaw.”

One of the things you’ll also see when you first look at the Wicked Wacky hook is that it has a tiny plastic tube securely attached to the underside of the hook just behind the eye. The wrapping that holds the base of the weedguard at the top side of the hook also secures the tiny tube.

“The tube serves an important purpose,” Jeff says. “It makes drop shot rigging fast, simple and effective.”

How does that happen? The answer lies in the way the hook is made. Let’s assume you are going to use the drop shot approach. You’ve already decided how much distance you want between your weight and your Senko.

Now go ahead and tie your leader to the eye of the Wicked Wacky. But, and here’s why that teensy tube is attached to the hook, don’t snip the tag end of your leader off right next to the hook.

Instead, run the tag end of your leader through that little tube on the bottom side of the hook. Run sufficient leader through the tube to let your weight ride as far below your hook as you want it. Now go ahead and cut it off. Just attach your weight to the tag end of the line and you’re in business.

“What you’ll find,” Jeff says, “is that when the Wicked Wacky is attached to your leader in this fashion the hook always rides upright just the way you want it. Because it’s weedless, you can use it to pitch a straight tailed plastic worm anywhere you want regardless of the cover.”

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The new Wicked Wacky hooks are available in four different sizes. Those sizes run from 1/0 through 5.

Using the Wicked Wacky a stronger line and leader is made to order for this kind of situation. Roberts did much of his own testing of the Wicked Wacky at both California’s famed Clear Lake and the big bass hangouts along the California Delta. He’ll tell you these hooks work especially well where pot bellied line busters hang out because of their extra strength and their hook penetration as well as their effective weed guards.

These hooks have only been available since January and they’re already getting an increasing amount of attention from bass anglers all over the country. The Wicked Wacky hooks are being produced in sizes 1/0 through 5/0.

I’ve had opportunity several times over the past half century to show the fish in some of my favorite waters lures or lure set ups they’ve not seen before. It’s easy to recall what transpired when I was probably the first to throw a spinnerbait as well as a Sluggo into the lake I lived on at the time. The bass flat knocked the crap out of both baits the first time they got a look at them.

My guess is that an increasing number of anglers around the country have the same kind of opportunity. They will, that is, if they are the first to use the power Drop Shotting approach the Wicked Wacky hooks make possible.

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