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Stan Fagerstrom
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Default A Resolution You値l Enjoy Keeping! Part 2

A Resolution You’ll Enjoy Keeping!
By Stan Fagerstrom
Part 2

There are times and places where things happen fast. It applies to both hunting and fishing. Whether it’s a rifle or a rod you’ve got in your hands, there are certain situations where you don’t want to be caught with your drawers at half mast.

If you read my last column, and if you haven’t I urge you to get into my column archives and do so, you know I mentioned the need to stay alert if you’re ever fortunate enough to visit Anglers Inn to fish bass at Mexico’s Lake El Salto. Let’s go back to where I left off in my previous column.

Put yourself in my boots that early morning on this beautiful bass fishing paradise. As you’ll recall, my partner and I had been on the water since it was light enough to see. Fishing had been slow. We’d caught a couple of 2-pounders and missed a couple more, but we were both itching for a little more action.

I was fishing from the bow of the boat. There was an opening between a couple of submerged trees right up next to the shoreline. I was successful in getting my lure in there right where I wanted. I left it alone until everything quieted down then began a slow twitch and pause routine that had often been effective for me with this bait.

Though the spot I’d hit looked like an ideal place for a good fish, the result apparently was going to be the same as had darn near all of my others that morning. I didn’t get so much as a swirl as the lure worked its way back to me.

I’d tried a half dozen lures that morning. The results had been the same with all of them. As Chug Bug I was using got up closer to the boat, I’d already decided to tie on a different one before I cast again.

Finally the lure was almost close enough to the boat to touch with my rod tip. I gave it one more little twitch and prepared to lift it. Then---kabam! The water where that little surface lure was simply erupted. Before I could even begin to get my brain in gear and my thumb off my reel spool, my rod was yanked halfway under the boat as if it was tied to a runaway freight train. A heartbeat later there was that sudden sickening slack that told me the fish was gone.
You better be ready when you've got a bait in the water at El Salto Lake. Thank heavens I was ready when this one came along.

That monstrous bass didn’t just bust 30-pound test, it also took my plug. I hate like the very devil to leave a beautiful fish like that out there with a lure in its mug. But this one hadn’t given me a chance not to.

And this is exactly the sort of thing that can happen any time you’re fortunate enough to get out on El Salto Lake. That’s why I said what I did at the beginning of my previous column. Down there you just never know.

Chances are there isn’t even a remote possibility of hooking a bass of 10-pounds or more on the lakes you fish most often here in the United States. They are there at El Salto. I know that because I’ve personally released fish of that size there myself. So have countless other anglers.

I recall writing a column a few years ago about what a friend from West Virginia accomplished on one of his many El Salto visits. In six days he boated 27 bass of 10-pounds or more. Two of those fish were 15-pounders. How does that compare with your own success here in the United States?
Believe it or not, the angler shown with this huge largemouth has taken so many fish of more than 10-pounds out of El Salto Lake he long ago lost track of just how many he has caught. The angler is Joe Bullock, of California, a regular visitor to Anglers Inn on El Salto Lake.

In no way am I suggesting that you’ll have exactly that kind of success if you get to El Salto Lake this year. Odds are you won’t. But I mention it because it provides proof of what the possibilities are. As I’ve said, hooking the largest bass you’ve ever caught on each cast you make isn’t even a remote possibility on most of the water you’ll find here in the USA. At Lake El Salto every one of them is.

And that’s why I urged you at the beginning of my previous column to resolve to visit Anglers Inn on Lake El Salto sometime this year. My guess it’s one resolution you’ll never regret having kept.

I want to mention one more thing. Next time you have opportunity ask someone who has stayed at Anglers Inn while they fished El Salto Lake a couple of questions. Ask them how they found the accommodations, if the food was good and how they were treated while they were there.

Nobody of sound mine will ever attempt to guarantee exactly how the fishing is going to be wherever you go. I will guarantee what the answers to those questions I listed will be where Anglers Inn is concerned. I’ll be indeed surprised if they don’t tell you they loved it.

And that’s just one more reason for going ahead and keeping that proposed resolution I’ve been talking about.
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