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Salem Loki
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Default Reflecting on Odell Lake Season 2016

I just finished cleaning my koke poles & oiling the reels and was thinking about this past season at Odell Lake. I believe it's always good to take time to reflect on something once its finished to evaluate what went well and what can be improved. What really struck me is that my fish counts during the past few years have improved dramatically at Odell Lake, where limits appear to be the rule rather than the exception. I don't know if this is luck or maybe I'm learning a few new things (at 55 years old no less!!!). If this is luck, I'm hoping that this luck will continue. If I've learned a few things, then what are they and I should share them with others. In the spirit of KK and TLD, I want everyone to come off that lake at the end of the day with a smile on their face rather than thinking "what could I have done different?" As for me, I did change a few things up this year that allowed me to catch fish much quicker and with higher total catches than previous years. I don't jig, so others will need to weigh in on jig tips. I only troll with downriggers and stack them also. Here's what I did different.

Stacking was critical to increasing my odds. My girlfriend and I have 2-rod licenses so we can fish with 4 poles. Once I caught a fish on one downrigger, I bring up the other pole and reset both poles.

I shortened my setbacks, still keeping the lower downrigger line a bit longer than the top line.

I never leave a line in the water more than 10 minutes. If I haven't got a bite in 10 minutes, I pull it up and re-bait.

Orange and gold were by far the best color combination LAKEWIDE. However, I still got decent results with pink and gold/silver.

Take time in bringing in the fish. If the fish goes aerobatic, I put the tip of the pole in the water to encourage him back down. I noticed that when a newby on my boat was reeling too fast, we lost the fish more often than boating it.

If someone asks me on the water what I am using, I take the time to share. Depending on his attitude, I let him borrow a setup. You've made a friend for life!!!

My girlfriend is usually right when she says "let's try fishing over there"! She seems to have a sixth sense about where the fish are. I just can't figure out how, she just does. And no, you can't borrow her!!!!

As for what I need to improve: There seems to be more fishermen on Odell from the state to the south and apparently boat etiquette down there is different (or doesn't exist) than what we are used to up here. I've had many more close calls with other boats this past year, with many in rental boats. I need more patience with them or just cut & run to a different area of the lake. After all, fishing is supposed to be enjoyable rather than stressful.

Also, two poles that get tangled still suck just as bad as they did when I started fishing Odell in 1995!!!! Patience grasshopper!!

I'm already looking forward to 2017. Maybe I'll don my winter gear and try some jigging.

Anyone else wish to share anything new they learned?

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Default Re: Reflecting on Odell Lake Season 2016

Great reflections.

We just finished up for the season at Odell this past Friday/Saturday. Didn't do as well as we figured we might, but still had a great couple of days on the lake, and brought home a few bright Kokanee.

A few reflections from our year.

We also continue to learn, and enjoy. We're into about our 3rd season with our boat / down riggers / etc, so plenty of opportunity to grow!

We graduated from running 3 rods (only stacking one downrigger) to stacking both sides and running 4 rods using shuttle hawks. A few tangles from time to time with a fish causing a commotion, but overall, not too bad. Gotta admit, love having the fish hit the shuttle hawk rods with my manual down riggers.

After having numerous multiple hook ups, we've moved on to having 2 nets in the boat.

We've become aware of how much work it is to clean 50 fish on back to back days (multiple times throughout the season). We've tended to clean at the lake, but fillet and seal at home, though depending on how early we're off the lake, have done some filleting there as well.

We've taken out several groups of friends, family, grandsons this past year and all have become pretty darn good deck hands in the back of the boat. They've had an excellent trainer with my number one deck hand in command.

We've gotten to the point where we're pretty stable with the gear we need to enjoy the fishing experience at Odell (and other lakes).

We continue to learn from some of the best with KK and others helping us to fine tune our gear and presentation...and SUCCESS on the lakes. Much thanks to all!

Looking forward to next year! See you on the lake(s).
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Default Re: Reflecting on Odell Lake Season 2016

I've realized that Kokanee fishing will never be like it was when I was a "Kid" always having the pressure to preform on the lake is taking a toll.

I think my wife really doesn't need me on the boat anymore to catch fish.

Debbie doesn't have to pack food when we go camping because of all the invites to dinner... Thanks everyone!!!!!

Things are always better down on the East End of Odell Lake and it feels great to be appreciated. Having a great relationship with the owner and his family makes fishing feel like fishing and not a "Job", plus having Jon, "The Resort Owner" out on the water guiding and being able to share fishing information helped put fish in both our boats.

Even after eating Kokanee over and over again it never gets old, and cooking them by the campfire like I used to with my Dad is fantastic and I need to do it more often.

Next year I need to do a few road trips to fish different locations even though it's extremely hard to leave Odell Lake... Don't Leave Fish To Find Fish.... Right?

Starting to feel like I have my game down and I'm starting to feel confident in my fishing abilities even though I know there is still a lot to learn.

Best part of fishing is still all the great people you get to meet, and all the new freinds you get to make.

I also want to just say Thank You to all the people who help me out you know who you are, but the biggest thanks goes to my Wife who puts up with me, and my Dad and Grandpa who taught me how to respect nature, and make the best looking fillet around. Of course I've been getting a ton of practice

Fish On Kokaneekid
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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: Reflecting on Odell Lake Season 2016

Even after eating Kokanee over and over again it never gets old, and cooking them by the campfire like I used to with my Dad is fantastic and I need to do it more often.
Amen to that, brother!

Every time I'd thought catching a bunch of kokes was a just piece of cake, a reality-check was usually forthcoming. I've found out that I'm not quite the "jigging expert" I thought I was.

The older I get (which covers a bunch of years) I've learned that it's not really all about 'how many' or 'how big', but just enjoying the fishing/camping/outdoors experience...and being grateful for the company of old friends/family, plus the opportunity to make new ones.

It's a longer jaunt...time-wise... these days from the lawn chair to the honey-bucket. For those anglers 70+, always get a head start! Ah yes, the golden years. Exercise is really overrated for some of us older buzzards.. .

Reaffirmed that an old dog can always learn new tricks...there are some really knowledgeable fellow anglers out there always willing to share locations and tactics. During this earthly journey there are always new things to glean from the experience and sharing of others. Also reaffirmed that that jig color and scents are really overrated. Location, depth, and presentation are really what put fish in the basket.

That Oregon Cascade lakes, koke fishermen, and beautiful campgrounds continue to rock!
~Soli Deo Gloria~
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