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Default Is the sandy hot?

Just want to know how the sandy has been lately
and how is the Visibility is. Is there a lot of stuff floating in the river. Is there a lot of people fishing there.

i have never caught a steelhead [img]graemlins/1zhelp.gif[/img] so if you have caught and thing (but a cold)or got a bite, please tell me what are you using. (if you dont mind)

thank you :grin:

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Mad Mikey
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Default Re: Is the sandy hot?

Sandy will be a wild card this year. First of all we need a good flush of H2O to clean out some of that silt, maybe this weekend. A few days of 4-5K cfs would help.
I can't tell you what to expect for steelhead. This year is the first season where no hatchery plants from other streams will be returning. All the fish will be broodstock and I have yet to get the numbers of clipped fish for this run.
Your typical Sandy wild run is a later returning fish, Feb.-early April are best. Jury is still out as to how this affects the broodstock fish. For some reason broodstock fish in other streams do not always show at the same time as their genetically similar bretheren but for the most part they will be there when expected.
I have caught wild Winters on the Sandy as early as late Oct. and fairly consistently throughout Dec.-Jan but it's nothing like what you will see in March.
The only way to know is to go, I know a few fish have been caught already, wild and clipped.
I suspect the crowds on the Sandy will be thin this year when compared to the last few years. People who only want to take fish home will go elsewhere.
I hope for a great return of fish that can be BBQ'ed or gently released.
You can catch a Sandy fish on anything you catch them on elsewhere, the biggest part of the equation is being where the fish are. Just keep at it.
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King Salmon
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Default Re: Is the sandy hot?

I fish the sandy a lot and I have to say my son and I have both caught winters but it is not like last year very darn slow would be the word. The clack is proble the better river this year but hell the coast streams are kicking out a lot of fish. the wilson and nestuca seam to be very nice to some friends of mine ,but I dont know where there fishin on them.
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Default Re: Is the sandy hot?

spare link,
I tend to drift a corky and some yarn, whereever I fish. If there are no takers, I may throw some spinners (blue fox). I know this is common sense, but fish where the fish are (holding areas). I have fished water that would never hold fish, because I really didn't know what types of habitat fish hold in. Anyway, get out there and fish. I was thinking of hitting the Sandy in the next couple of weeks, you never know. Keep in mind, like Mikey said, the timing of these fish is changing because of the wild brood stock program. Happy Fishin'
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Old 11-28-2003, 07:57 PM   #5
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Default Re: Is the sandy hot?

Mikey is right.

And - pink pearl corkies w/pink yarn are a go-to setup on the Sandy. If you drift fish with this setup, you can fish with confidence under most conditions. If you're trying to time the run, it might be different this year, but I bet if you try hard around X-mas, you'll find some fish.
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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: Is the sandy hot?

My nephew and I hit it for a few hours yesterday - down low - Troutdale area. Didn't touch a fish - but neither of us tried a pink pearle w/ white yarn. [img]graemlins/stupid.gif[/img] River looks great. Saw quite a few anglers try it out for awhile - but saw nothing. We tried plunking, drift fishing and bobber and jigs. Winds were just a breeze - actually not a bad day at all.
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