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Default Rig me up!

Going out of Depoe Tuesday if the forecast holds. This will be my first nearshore salmon trip. I'd like to keep tackle as simple as possible.

It'll be 2 of us, and we'll have at least 4 rods rigged when we leave port. How would someone who knew W T F they were doing rig those rods? This is my question.

I'm thinking "put shiny/wiggly things in the water!"... lol... but I hear guys talking about spinners or hoochies behind divers, or run shallow in the prop wake.....herring.... or... or... or...

(If nobody replies to this I'll leave port with one rod set up with a big spinner or spoon that will run shallow....... another rod with a big kwikfish behind a couple ounces of weight to get 10-20' down.... another with a delta flasher and a Brads behind it with 4-6 oz of weight to get it to 30-50'............ )

Thanks dawgs.

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Dave G
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Default Re: Rig me up!

Pink hoochies tipped with a small piece of herring with a diver and a 6 in silver flasher have been killing the Coho for us this year.
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Default Re: Rig me up!

LMGTFY : https://www.google.com/search?client...Salmon+rigging

Never seen anyone use a Kwik fish in the salt.... could be a thing.
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The Pew
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Default Rig me up!

Make sure to swap the trebles for single point hooks on the kwickfish.

Personally a pink hoochie with a chunk of herring would be a better choice.

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King Salmon
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Default Re: Rig me up!

I don't think Kwiks will ever catch on because so much other stuff works just fine. The Pew's suggestion is money in the bank. Don't change what works.
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Default Re: Rig me up!

ShortBus flasher/Brads CPH stuffed w/tuna or mashed herring/6oz lead 15-22 pulls. Worked for us.

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Default Re: Rig me up!

keep it real simple. if your around fish, hootchies (purple haze has been the money color) whole anchovies or herring in a helmet should do the trick behind a standard delta diver w/or without a fish flash trolled fast at 15-40 feet of line out. troll like a drunken sailor. trigger some coho with some weird turns and speed changes. troll back over a spot you caught a fish to catch some of their friends.
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Default Re: Rig me up!

Coyote spoon behind a diver or trolling sinker without a flasher is simple & effective, you could add a small flasher, but the lure it's self is a flasher, blue/chrome is a consistent color, bottled scents or small strip of herring, & or tuna belly skin helps, but not necessary, pink, zucchini, blue, or purple hootchies behind a diver, & flasher is the most common used method, dodgers are as good as any, & gives hootchies some wiggle action, we like using strip herring to minimize bait needed, & or tuna belly skin if you have some, the herring head, & carcass will also work, a very small amount of bait is good in most cases, even scents will work, basically when a fish comes up to your bait attracted by the flasher, if they smell something edible, it will trigger a bite, long bendy rods 9' to 10 1/2' are best with barbless hooks, slow down but keep the boat going with all but the biggest fish helps with barbless hooks too, keep a bend in the rod at all times, no pumping, just crank the handle. Get um while it's hot Jeff. Good luck!
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Default Re: Rig me up!

THANKS guys! Will report back.
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Spotted Owl
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Default Re: Rig me up!







Happy fishing, report back with pictures.

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Speed did seem to make the difference. Over in Newport entire weekend. Once I gave it more gas, the bites started. The bait balls didn't hurt.
Side note, What size hooks are most using? 3/0 seemed too small, most got off. 5/0 rig dug in and grabbed both tongue and jaw.
Thanks all.
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Default Re: Rig me up!

From what I gather, the story of the day was a hot bite really early, then scattered after that. I talked to some folks pulling out as as we were putting in about 9:30 and they had two coho and two kings in the cooler, they went west from Rocky Creek to 130 FOW.

We went more or less straight out from Depoe and joined the flotilla at about 160 FOW. Our tally is not gonna win any derbies but we caught fish... boated 3 coho, lost several more. All wild. They hit pink hoochies behind a shortbus; hoochies consisted of pink squids on slip-knot dual hook herring rigs with some beads and a small spinner blades I got at bimart.

It kicked up pretty good in the afternoon, combined with the rain, we went back in around 4. For a first such trip, it counts in my ledger as a success even though we caught no keepers. Good first nearshore salmon trip.

Also, note to self, get a bigger boat.

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