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Sea Beast
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Default Salmon suggestion needed

Looking at heading down to Newport this Thursday and Friday for salmon.
Any suggestions where to head, besides west.


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King Salmon
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Default Re: Salmon suggestion needed

Was good for coho, & nooks around the 40-41 over 07-08 area Sun, 39-40 over 09-10 Sat eve, heard it was good out by the rockpile too, but no need to go that far, hard to go wrong right now Dave. BTW 3.5 to 3.8 mph was the best speed. Good Luck!
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Default Re: Salmon suggestion needed

I’ve been hitting 140-160 ft deep off the lighthouse. But the birds and life just outside the jetties on the way in yesterday would have me dropping in there to start.
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The schools of fish moved around all over during the past week. The one problem we currently have is the water is so dang warm out there. Still, there are a lot of fish. If it was me, I would drop my gear at 120ft of water (or so) and troll northwest. Gradually gaining depth. Hit a fish or 2 and circle that area.
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The Pew
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Default Salmon suggestion needed

We caught fish everywhere we fished the last four days- south end of the rockpile, east side mid rock pile, 160’ off seal rock, 160 off the light house, 220’ off the lighthouse and right off the green #1 buoy.

I wasn’t running around looking, rather combining with other trips.

Basically find rips, birds and bait and you’ll be in fish. Resist the urge to chase crowds and radio fish.

Newport Fisher- don’t get hung up on water temp to much. That’s the surface temp. Find the thermocline and you’ll find fish. Example-We fished surface temp from 53-60 degrees the last week and had best action in the 60 degree surface water because it had a hard thermocline about 15 feet down with bait.

River fish are waiting for that perfect temp to tell them it’s time to go up river because conditions are right for them to survive to the spawning grounds. Don’t mix that concept with ocean fishing.

Not that I don’t pay attention to surface temp when deciding where to go but chloro and thermoclines mean more to me than surface temp.

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Spotted Owl
Ifish Nate
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Default Re: Salmon suggestion needed

140’ - 200’ between the lighthouse and Depoe. In anything besides a broke down Trophy. We were in the Dory last week.

I don’t think you can do anything wrong right now.

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