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Default NOAA Fisheries Survey

Just back from a 10 day vacation in HI. Going through the mail found a survey from NOAA. Not sure if it has been posted here. lt came from the Northwest Fisheries Science Center, NWFSC? They want to "Better understand how management actions affect rec fisheries". "To increase understanding of what anglers like, dislike, enhance the fishing experience, and improve overall fishery management". To access it online I have a passcode. Hell, it even came w/ a $2 bill inside for a "small token of their appreciation of saying thanks for completing the survey". ***? Is this legit? I wonder what that cost? I know I can get some help from you all w/ my response so I don't miss anything. Thanks.

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Default Re: NOAA Fisheries Survey

My 87-year-old Father got the survey also. I saw the letter and it looked legit to me. Dad's not an internet user so I am going to help him complete the survey.
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Default Re: NOAA Fisheries Survey

I took it. Questions about steelhead fishing. Mostly about preferences regarding hatchery vs wild. Would I prefer to fish a river where I can catch 1 fish every few trips but it has a 50% chance of being hatchery or have a chance to catch 2 fish every trip and all would be wild. Different variations of those scenarios.

Made me think about why I fish for steelhead a little. Everyone has their own personal preferences. This survey allowed me to express mine.
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