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can anyone give me some info on how fishing is? can a raft be used w/elctric motor or would a raft not be useful there? Im trying to find some place to fish for bass, bluegil, and crappie, but am having a hard time finding anything. does anyone know anything about benson lake just off the columbia. [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img] please give me some suggestions ASAP.... im going tomorrow!

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rob allen
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Default Re: smith & bybee

This is too late to help you now but here is what I know.
Smith Bybee was kinda tough the time I fished it and now I don't think you can drive to it. can you? they closed off the road and now there is only a bike path.
However the lake does have soem good largemouth. spinnerbaits are the bait of choice there. the lake is absolutely full of standing and down timber be carefull you don't pop your raft if you get it in. cover lots of water till you find fish then hit that area the fish seem to school in certain areas , leaving the rest of the lake barren.

Benson lake: never fished it but every other lake off the columbia is full of smallmouth perch and crappie. the further East you go the more larger fish you will find.
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Default Re: smith & bybee

I drove by these lakes the other day to see the current condition. You can drive to the lakes. There is an access point next to the parking lot. Only problems is the lakes are extremely low. I was told by one of the county employees who watch over the lakes that the depth is down to about 1 1/2'.

You would be better off in a canoe or hard bottomed craft. You can use an electric motor. Gas motors are prohibited as well as pets. (Was told that dog was not allowed on the lake or the trail that goes down to the lakes)


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