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Default Wilamette Bass, Walleye and Catfish

Headed out this coming weekend to target some smallies but also hoping to attract some chanel Catfish and maybe some walleye. Gonna be on the river near wilsonville about 20 minutes south of the mollala mouth. Any tips or reports for that type of fishing? I'm thinking plugs and spinners and then worms in shallow water off the bottom for the catfish but still unsure. Especially with walleye, I have never tried to fish for them. Looking for any help.

Thanks in advance.

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Default Re: Wilamette Bass, Walleye and Catfish

A guy on here who goes by Crawmaster does really well getting cats on the Willamette above the falls.. You might try sending him a PM.

Walleye are in the lower river near the Columbia, Multnomah Channel and Gilbert River. Lookout Point Reservoir has them. Probably really rare to catch one in the main river above the falls so dont get your hopes up too much for walleye there.

Smallmouth are abundant in the river where you plan to fish. And with the water temp going up, they will be hungry and feisty. I like to use soft plastics most - ned rig, senko, craws, tubes.
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