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Default Sesitivity Test

Someone showed me a great way to test the sensitivity of a rod. This is great if you are out rod shopping, the only problem is that it takes two people to do it. Hold the rod like you would if you were fishing. Now put the tip of the rod lightly against the other persons adams apple and have him/her talk. With a good rod like an upper end Loomis, you will feel quite a vibration going to your hand. With a cheaper rod, you will get little to no vibration. I just bought a Loomis GL3 8'6" 8 - 12 drift rod and the salesman at FMS showed me this trick. Pretty Cool. What are some other ways you ifishers use to determine the quality of a new rod (Before you buy it)?

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Default Re: Sesitivity Test

Hit the salesman repeatedly about the head and neck with it. If it holds up and hurts him/her bad enough that they give you a discount, buy it!
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First Bite
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Default Re: Sesitivity Test

It sounds like you bought the same rod that I have. A GL3 STR1024C. When I purchased my rod the salesman did the same test to show me the sensitivity. It worked, I guess becasue I bought the rod. It's a nice rod for Steelies.

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Default Re: Sesitivity Test

I always check for the spine of the rod. If the guides aren't aligned correctly with the spine the rod won't cast or fight properly. I check by laying the tip of the rod on the counter and the but on the floor. Then, using a book or the edge of my hand, I press down in the middle of the rod and roll it back and forth. The guides should pop to a position facing the ceiling.
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Big Willie
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Default Re: Sesitivity Test

I make sure all my rods are yellow. Chicks dig'em.
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Default Re: Sesitivity Test

You have likely seen all the rubber singing fish in the stores this season? Well, I tried out a new prototype GL5/IM8 super ultra sensative tip rod for sensativity by having the saleman put a singing fish into a tank of water while I stuck the rodtip into the tank also. These new rods are so sensative you can tell which song the fish are singing with the rodtip a few feet away in the large tank! I almost sold my house and to buy one, but decided I'd use the amount they wanted for the rod to put my kids thru college instead.
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