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Default They Took The Trouble Out Of Trailers

They Took The Trouble Out Of Trailers

By Stan Fagerstrom

Sometimes a trailer hook can make the difference in catching bass or going home skunked.

That won’t come as news to experienced bass fishermen. What will come as news, if they’ve not already heard about it, is word that now the nation’s leading marketer of hooks has made it easier to use trailer hooks than ever before.

For some reason or other there are days when the fish are busting your baits but are just hard as heck to hook. You’ve probably had experiences like that in your own bass fishing.

I recall fishing my home lake once years ago. The lake had lots of lily pad cover. That pad cover was a favorite hangout for the lake’s bass. One of my favorite lures for fishing this cover was a Johnson Silver Minnow with a pork frog trailer.

I’m an old guy now but I recall that particular morning like it took place the day before yesterday. Remembering it isn’t because I caught a live well full of fish. The opposite is true. I remember it because at least 20 bass blew holes in the pad cover as they tried to get hold of my Silver Minnow.

Some of those bass did get hold of the lure, but the hook didn’t get hold of them. I knew darn well a trailer hook would probably help. I didn’t, unfortunately, have any with me.
You can bet I’ve not forgotten that experience. Be assured I’m not about to let it happen to me again. And the new trailer hooks I’m talking about make rigging a lure with them easier than it has ever been.

I say that with assurance because of the good folks who market Gamakatsu Hooks. I know I don’t have to sell experienced bass anglers on Gamakatsu Hooks. As far as I’m concerned hooks just don’t come any better and that’s been true ever since these sticky-sharp fish-catchers first came on the scene.

But maybe, like me, you weren’t aware that Gamakatsu is now marketing a trailer hook that eliminates all that fooling around once associated with putting a trailer on certain of your favorite lures.

Note the eye of these new Gamakatsu trailer hooks. The eye is covered with a special plastic coating. All you need do is push the point of the hook of your lure up through the plastic and you're ready to go.

Note the illustrations that accompany this column. What Gamakatsu has done, you see, is to produce a series of trailer hooks that come with a plastic coating molded right over the hook eye. There’s no more screwing around using surgical tubing or whatever it might be you’ve employed in the past to keep a trailer hook in place.

Now you can simply select the size trailer hook of your choice. Once that’s done, just run the hook of your lure on up through the plastic coating on the eye of the trailer hook and you’re in business.

The last time I checked these new Gamakatsu hooks were being marketed in four sizes. These hooks, their official name is the “Trailer Hook SP”, can be had in sizes #1, #1/0, #2/0 and #3/0.

Click pic to zoom Here's one of the new Gamakatsu trailer hooks in position on a Stan's Spin spinnerbait. The coating over the eye of the trailer holds the hook in an upright position. Used in this fashion your lure remains fairly weedless but the trailer adds to the rig's hooking potential.

If you’re one of those who favor having a flash of red in the stuff you show the bass you’re after, the new Gamakatsu trailer hooks also fill the bill in that regard. They are available in either red or black colors.

I was involved in some of the test fishing of Gamakatsu hooks before they were ever brought to market here in the United States. They impressed the heck out of me the first time I used them. They’ve been doing the same thing ever since. You can get more info on these hooks at

If I don’t wind up with bass in the boat when they’re striking short now it won’t be because I haven’t got a trailer hook. The new Gamakatsu Trailer Hooks have a permanent spot in my tackle box.

I know there will be times I’ll want one of them riding along behind the spinnerbait, buzzbait or whatever other single hooked lure I’m throwing. Whenever I do, it won’t take more than 30 seconds to have whatever I’m throwing all rigged and ready.

As I said in the beginning, there are times when a trailer hook can make the difference between catching fish or going home skunked. If you don’t already have a supply of these nifty new Gamakatsu trailer hooks in your own tackle box, you’ll be wise to remedy that mistake ASAP!


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