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Default 4 bass about 600 crappie, Silver Lake Report

The bass changed from last week and they were not on the rocks yesterday. I lost one good one, it just came unbuttoned) The bass were caught on Wood! About 5 bass were landed over 20 inches by other fishermen. I switched to crappie once the sun was out. I ended up landing around 600 crappie for the day. This was the day that the Oregon bass and pan fish club came to fish for crappie. After lunch I took a couple club members to my area to show them how and wear to catch the crappie. One guy only got 2 crappie the first half day. We got 76 crappie in about 1hour in my area (that was pounded all most of the day). The bite was slower than before but we had triples at times. The guy with 2 crappie in the morning got 20 crappie when fishing with me on my area. I ended the day with 27 keepers. I did not take any fish home.
The presentation that worked best was slow reeling using a small bobber. I used a plastic device to measure crappie. Just slide them in and check the length. It was very fast and got me back in the water fast. NEXT weekend weather will be good for crappie fishing! the big crappie are moving is as we speaks. The bite should be much better then too! TIME TO HIT SILVER LAKE!
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