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King Salmon
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Default Do you read the Guide's Reports??

Just wondering if anyone reads the guide's reports that are posted seperately on their own forums here on Ifish? I check daily, some of them are really good at posting information there. I really identified with David Johnson's wait, wait, wait I actually started locking the white ring on the fish-on rod holders when fishing with my dad trolling anchovies in the Rogue Bay, kept him from jerking the bait away!!

Thanks to those who keep the reports coming.

From Wikipedia:

A feral horse is a free-roaming horse of domesticated ancestry. As such, a feral horse is not a wild animal in the sense of an animal without domesticated ancestors.
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Default Re: Do you read the Guide's Reports??

I agree! In my boat I don't allow anyone to touch their rod until I give the OK, and if they do, God help them. I give then a tongue-lashing they have never had! (To to be little) [img]graemlins/icon_argue.gif[/img] After all, bringing fish back to the dock is the most important part of fishing, isn't it? Yes, I do fish a lot by myself, but after all, I am my own best company anyway!? :grin:
PS; have you ever seen the DrT.Hooky videos of salmon hitting herring trolled off a downrigger. Their awesome, and many eat that herring TAIL FIRST :0 much for absolutes! Try setting your drag fairly loose, then they can have their cake and hook it too.
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King Salmon
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Default Re: Do you read the Guide's Reports??

Where can one find these

"DrT.Hooky videos of salmon hitting herring"

that you speak of.

Team Savage
Team Gregor
Team Rye Whiskey
Team Backcountry Hunters and Anglers
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Salmon Stryker
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Default Re: Do you read the Guide's Reports??

I read Dave's reports and check for the others. Every now and then one of the other guides will suprise me and post something different. I know that most guides are too busy to play on the internet but I know Dave is busy as well and he always seems to take the time to post reports and every now and then even throws out some very good advice. Thank you Dave Johnson and keep them coming.

Scott and Grant do a fairly good job as well and in the past Marty Peterson has contributed a lot to the site. I really appreciate it.

The guides and charters on this board get a lot of press and recomendations from being able to advertise here (pretty cheap too). I'd like to see more of them participate and contribute back to ifish.

I've been wanting to say that for a long time. Hope I didn't tick too many guides off. Oh well, they are a dime a dozen these days.

And Rogue, sorry for peeing on your thread. Wait, Wait, Wait was good advice and I plan to practice that tomorrow at T-bay.
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