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Default using the itroll remote throttle system

I know this has been discussed many times. however I do not remember when and did not find input from the past.

I finally pulled the trigger and purchased the itroll remote throttle system. I know there is the pro troll system and one other. I also know it is like ford,chevy dodge.

I just wanted some input on who has used this model and who installed it or if you self installed. my lovely wife and I will be installing it this weekend. ( some assembly required are my 3 most feared words. )

I know that ohnomarked it from this forum has used it but I have not seen much input from him lately. any info or help will be much appreciated. thanks

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"Oh no,Mark'd It!"
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Default Re: using the itroll remote throttle system


Still using it, still loving it, no issues as of season #3. I did not do the install, but I rerouted some of the wiring in my center console. It's pretty straight forward, but if I can be of any help let me know.

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Default Re: using the itroll remote throttle system

Best on the market. Would love to rep for them,as they dont push their product or have enough dealers. Call and they will reply quickly.::
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Default Re: using the itroll remote throttle system

I installed itroll on two different boats. Both had Honda outboards. The design on the Honda will not quite run from lowest trolling speed to full throttle: you get about 2/3 full speed. So the Honda-specific servo design is not quite perfect.

Unfortunately, they use a plain ethernet RJ45 connector to attach the control head. Each end of that connector has corroded over and over. Unusable at this point. I emailed the designer about the terrible connector choice (really - an indoor computer connector on a device subject to salt???) but received no comment about any alternatives. He was very nice about replacing the connector but I got tired of going through this each year.

It has a major design flaw in my mind. If the control head gets disconnected for any reason (such as the bad connector), the servo motor stays in whatever position it is already in. This means that your motor is stuck at a particular throttle position - which is guaranteed not to be the idle position. So your motor ends up racing along with no way to slow it down (because the servo has sped it up) - don't dare put it in neutral! Or, god help you if you restart it in neutral - major over-rev.

The non-returning servo can be real weird when you start your motor in the morning. If you happened to shut off your motor the night before without setting the itroll to minimum, and you have not yet connected the control head the next morning, when you start your motor the next morning, it will be at the prior night's throttle position. So your motor ends up way over-revving the next morning if you have not yet connected the control box. This really confused me the first time it happened until I figured out the scenario.

Mine lasted about a year and a half until all the corrosion issues made it unusable. Basically it is a hobby project in my mind: it needs to be redesigned so it has electronics on the servo end that detect a lack of communication and return the servo to zero throttle in that case. Having no electronics on the servo end is a major design flaw IMHO. I would expect this thing is eventually guaranteed to blow up someone's motor, or ruin the lower unit (due to shifting at high speed).

I'm a marine electrical engineer. Whenever we install any electronics on a classed vessel, we are required to perform a Failure Mode Effects Analysis to analyze how devices fail, how the system will react in case of failure. Obviously nothing like that was done for the itroll - which is quite typical for aftermarket equipment that is not designed for commercial applications. It is a neat hobby project but I won't use it any more on my boat. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer...
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Default Re: using the itroll remote throttle system

Installed one on my boat this past spring and absolutely love it. Hasn't been in salt so I can't speak on the issues positize had. Being able to keep the speed without constantly manipulating the throttle has been a godsend. Mainly used for kokanee so far but will run it for fall salmon soon. Installation wasn't too difficult but I did have a friend who installed one on his boat help out.
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ron m
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Default Re: using the itroll remote throttle system

I suggest you check their website for installation instruction videos. Or as some of the folks above said, get someone to help you that knows for sure what he/she is doing.
ron m
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