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Default Cr Tuna Report Tuesday August 13 - Small Boat

Short version - we got ten, most decent size (two peanuts). We lost almost that many after hooking up. First time we have lost that many after they hit.

All on the troll. Tried iron, couldn’t get anything to go.

Best weather I have ever had. Almost flat ocean. 28 mph going out, 32 mph coming in, less than 30 gallons of gas used.

Fished with several other boats and three commercials between 124:40 and 124:44. Basically straight out west, a bit south.

Best rig for us was a pink clone behind a set of three small pink teasers. Made sense when we opened up some stomachs - they are all filled with small squid.

Got a few on x raps and a few on mx flag clones. A simple teaser string ahead of the clone made a big difference today on what got hit.

Action was steady for singles and occasional doubles up until about 11:00. We only got three afternoon bites today, and two did not stick.

Surprised by a few things after two trips in the last week. First, we have not seen a single rip, solid temp change, or color change. Just can’t find them in the areas people are catching tuna. Also, some birds, but no other life out on the tuna grounds (we did see about ten humpbacks in the salmon water area on the way out).

Temps are really high. I’m used to readings between 59 and 62 out on the tuna grounds. Today was 65-67, at least on the surface.

Good luck out there!

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Default Re: Cr Tuna Report Tuesday August 13 - Small Boat

Very nice report, We appreciate that very much.
We are headed out tomorrow after the AM EBB
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Default Re: Cr Tuna Report Tuesday August 13 - Small Boat

We fished the same general area early afternoon Fri & Sun after the morning Salmon bite slowed, a variety of lures worked Fri, all on cedar plugs Sun, mostly on the center rod set at the end of the prop wash, x-raps, clones, & swim baits never got hit Sun That's Tuna fishing you never know what they want each day. I don't pay attention to water temp right now, the hard chlorol break around the 40 line & west is where the fish are, 45 to 47 west Fri, 42.5 west Sun, we did not move much Sun, no need, fishing was steady, maybe we went too far west Fri?.
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