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Stan Fagerstrom
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Default Tennessee Lady Tells It Like It Is

Tennessee Lady Tells It Like It Is
By Stan Fagerstrom

The two gals in the booth next to mine were talking about fishing.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t have paid any attention to what they were talking about. I couldn’t resist doing so once I heard what they were saying.

“Joe keeps wanting me to go fishing with him in Mexico,” one gal said. “Some stinking old fishing lodge is about the last place I want to spend my vacation.”

“I feel the same way,” her companion replied, “especially in Mexico. Besides, it’s dangerous down there right now.”

“Joe goes to some place called Anglers Inn on a lake called El Salto. I guess it’s only a couple of hours from Mazatlan. To hear him tell it, you’d think it was a five star resort with the best food and service this side of paradise. I wish I knew some woman who had just been down there. I’d like to hear what she had to say about it.”

Those two women will never know how much I wanted to get involved in their discussion. Why? Mainly because I had recently talked at length with a lady who had just returned from a trip exactly like the one the two in the next booth were discussing.

The lady I had talked to, you see, had the answers the woman married to Joe was seeking. If you’re one of those “Fishing Widows” we all hear about now and then, perhaps you’re seeking some of those answers yourself. That’s why I’ve decided to share with you some of the things I’d love to have shared with those two non-fishing females I overheard that day in the restaurant.
Rhonda Ranson says she isn't a big fisherperson, but she liked what she found at Anglers Inn on Mexico's Lake El Salto.

First let me introduce the lady I mentioned who told me how she felt about her visit to Mexico’s Anglers Inn Lodge at Lake El Salto. She is Rhonda Ranson, of Collierville, Tennessee. She and her husband Allan have been married for 17 years. They have two sons aged 10 and 14.

If you up to your ears in fishing the name of the man Rhonda’s married to might sound familiar. Allan Ranson is indeed well known in the sports fishing industry. He’s one of the top executives of Strike King Lures and is highly respected by his friends and associates all over the country.

But Allan’s not the subject of this column. His wife is. Mrs. Ranson will tell you she’s a “people person” who is deeply involved in activities within her community as well as with her church and family.

If you think Allan’s involvement in angling has rubbed off on his wife---guess again! “I’m not a big fisherperson,” she says. “I wasn’t at all sure I wanted to go to some Mexican fishing lodge. I’d been fishing before and sometimes I wound up just being bored.”

It figures Rhonda Ranson might have shared some of the sentiments I heard those two gals in the restaurant express about a Mexican fishing adventure. As I’ve already mentioned, what I would have loved to share with them was what Rhonda had to say about her visit to Anglers Inn once she had been there.

“Anglers Inn at Lake El Salto was awesome,” she says. “It was clean and beautiful and the food and service is first class. I felt totally pampered all the time we were there.”

It wasn’t just the food and surroundings that grabbed her attention. “I’m a people person,” she says, “and the people at Anglers Inn were just wonderful. Even without my knowing the language I found we could still communicate.”

But what about the fishing part of it? She admittedly might not be a big fisherperson but she’ll tell you is that even she felt a little bit “hooked” by what she experienced at El Salto Lake. “I’d never seen and caught so many good sized bass before,” she says. “And you never have to even touch them. The guide does everything for you.”
Rhonda giggles a bit when she recalls what happened there once when she wasn’t certain the lure she had on was running just right. “I wanted to know if Allan thought it was performing properly,” she says, “so I asked him to watch while I pulled it through the water close to our boat. He turned to watch as I flipped the lure out close by. I pulled it a little ways and---wham! A bass came up and smashed it. I guess you could say that lure was working just fine!”

The couple wound up boating a bunch of beautiful largemouth. The largest they caught and released was just under 10-pounds.

Mrs. Ranson points out a couple of other things that women who are reluctant to accompany their husbands on a Mexican fishing trip might like to know. “You don’t have to actually go out in the boat if you don’t want to,” she says. “At Anglers Inn you can just relax at the lodge. You can also enjoy either a manicure or a pedicure if you choose to do so.”

I was curious how Rhonda felt about the sometimes misleading news reports regarding the danger of a visit to Mexico. What many fail to realize is that the great majority of the current problems are centered in and around the border cities. Other areas, and Mazatlan is an example, have less problems than are often encountered at major cities here in the United States.

“We had no security problems at either Mazatlan or Anglers Inn,” Rhonda says. “We didn’t even lock our doors while we were at the lodge. I’d probably be in greater danger driving in some parts of Memphis than where we were in Mexico.”

I find myself in total agreement. I’ve been to Anglers Inn at El Salto Lake several times myself and I’ve never had the slightest problem. Visitors to Anglers Inn Lodge are met by an air conditioned van at the airport in Mazatlan. Most of the trip to the lake is on a well maintained freeway. You’ll be there in less than three hours after leaving the airport.

Mr. and Mrs. Ranson did something else an increasing number of Anglers Inn visitors have been doing before returning to the United States. That was to spend a few days enjoying the saltwater fishing out of Mazatlan. Arrangements for these saltwater adventures can be made at the same time you book your El Salto Lake bass fishing trip. The number to call is 1 800 468-2347.

You’ll also find a wealth of additional information regarding all of the outstanding adventures provided through Anglers Inn International on the Internet. This information is a close as your computer. You’ll find it at www.anglersinn.com.

Angler Inn executives tell me an increasing number of women have been accompanying their husbands to Lake El Salto in recent years. That doesn’t surprise me. My guess is that probably all of them came back sharing the sentiments of the Tennessee lady I’ve told you about.
Big bass like the beauty Rhonda Ranson is holding here are commonplace at Mexico's Lake El Salto.

I hope I get to visit with Rhonda Ranson again one day. If that happens it won’t surprise me one bit if she tells me about plans she and her husband are making for a return visit to Anglers Inn and that bass fishing paradise called Lake El Salto.

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