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Default New G. Loomis E6X Steelhead Rods

E6X steelhead rods provide anglers with an opportunity to experience the legendary G.Loomis performance and quality at an affordable price. MSRP will be between $199.99 and $239.99 depending on overall length and power. Featuring our multi-taper technology to help reduce weight and increase sensitivity, these rods are designed with rod balance in mind - reel attached - which is critical to control drifts and detect even the lightest bites! A comprehensive selection of lengths and tapers to provide every angler with an option for the many varying techniques and presentations required to be a successful steelhead angler. We even resurrected some of the most popular rods in our history like the STR1143C and HSR9000. All rods are covered by the G.Loomis Limited Lifetime Warranty and the Expeditor Service for those unexpected accidents. All G.Loomis rods are constructed in the US at our factory in Woodland, WA.

E6X Steelhead Drift - Casting
E6X 1024-2C STR
E6X 1025-2C STR
E6X 1083-2C STR
E6X 1084-2C STR
E6X 1086-2C STR
E6X 1143-2C STR
E6X 1145-2C STR
E6X 1205-2C STR

E6X Steelhead Drift - Spinning
E6X 1024-2S STR
E6X 1025-2S STR
E6X 1082-2S STR
E6X 1083-2S STR
E6X 1084-2S STR
E6X 1142-2S STR
E6X 1143-2S STR
E6X 1145-2S STR
E6X 1205-2S STR

E6X Steelhead Float - Spinning
E6X 1203-2S STFR

E6X Steelhead Hot Shot - Casting
E6X 9000C HSR

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