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Default Couple Shimano Questions

1. I have a Calcutta TE and a LJV in need of repair. Can I have then repaired by Shimano, if so how do I go about doing that?

2. I was disappointed to see the Calcutta TE series disappear a few years ago. Are there any plans to bring something similar back or introduce a reasonably priced (under $500) Conquest in the 400 size to the U.S. market?
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Default Re: Couple Shimano Questions

Shimano can service your TE reel. We provide a complete listing as well on this page. Fill out the service form provided here and send the address listed:

In the last few years Shimano has begun taking a global approach to reels. We are launching new products in all world markets at the same time and as a major benefit bringing many of the higher end reels to market here in the US. Last year Conquest was one of the first flagship Shimano reels to do this. We released them in 100/101/200/201 sizes. I would expect to see that trend to continue. The Conquest itself offers major leap forward in round reels. Much like Calcutta did in the mid-nineties to the round reel world. If you have a chance you should feel and see what's been done. Micro-module gearing, SVS cast control, X-ship, S-Concept body, and EI treatment are the main advances.
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