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Originally Posted by Bafod View Post
I am glad to see that everyone is catching tuna and having fun. And I dont know if this is the correct forum but I want to ask what would you do? I have been to most of the cleaning stations in the windy bay, empire and charleston. I have seen in my mind way to much waste, not to mention the illegal selling of tuna. So what would you do if you were watching someone clean a tuna by cutting out the top loins and throwing away the rest of the tuna. then cutting out the middle of the loin and throwing away the ends. I tried to talk with one of the groups doing this and was informed to mind my own FN bussiness. Is this common practice? Do you see this at your cleaning stations? Can we do something about this?

Waste sucks but who are you or anyone else to tell someone how to clean their fish and what parts are good or not? I get what you are saying but maybe their response is appropriate. Some folks you simply wont get through to, sucks as it may... Illegal selling of sport caught fish? Call the OSP...
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