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Default Re: Wilson R. Sea Runs?

I could never understand that either, the barbed hook thing... Why in the WORLD would someone do catch and release with a barb?
Seems abs STUPID to me! And the ODFW chooses to ignore it? ARGH! What study proved this theory?
"Yeah, go ahead and fish for them, use barbs that deeply embed in their flesh and then try and get it out with the fish alive". DUH!
I have seen some of the craziest stuff. People hearing that it is open in the South, so they think it is open all over the place now.
People catching a large searun and yelling, "It's a keeper"!
The boys have found worm hooks and bobbers that float down from the park upriver, signalling that people are using bait in the upper river right now. YIKES! NO BAIT till Sept 1.
People mistaking the larger ones for small steelhead...
Man, you know, fish identification is not something the average weekend fishermen is good at.
I have come across fishermen at the lower rivers plunking with bait, which is OK, but then they ask me, "what is in here?" with a stringer clanging off their belt straps, I am sure... readying for the bbq.
For instance, telling a searun from a resident, a chinook from a silver, a jack salmon from a cutt, smolts or small cutts?
How many on the board can tell these differences?
In the anglers education class that I took, (so that I can teach kids angling), we had a fish ID segment that was awesome! I encourage all of you to take this course.
I'm thinking of borrowing the equipment for that for the ifish party just for kicks. It's fun to test your skills.
Does anyone know of a web page that goes deeply into this subject? Shows pictures and differences?
For all these reasons, I cringe when I read about cutthroat fishing in any form. I worry about my babies!
It is a very enjoyable fishery, but I am so careful about fishing for them, and I worry that others won't be as careful.
If the fish has swallowed the hook, don't even try to dislodge it, cut the leader! The hook will absorb, most likely.
How long do they take to absorb? I don't know. What kind of hook is best for absorbtion? I don't know, but Bill uses the right ones when we go.
Fly fishing is safest, because they are almost always hooked in the lip. Easy to take off.
Wet your hands before you touch them...
What else can I say, except please... be careful!
I am so impressed with the comeback of this species and the size!
They are mystical, magical, spiritual fishies, and I love em!! This is a wonderful fishery for kids, IF you can also teach them the importance of preserving the species by observing all the rules. It will give them respect for you, if they see you handle their future fish with care.
There are fish for the dinner table, and then there are sport fish.

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