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Default Re: Knot to swim bait and iron

Originally Posted by Quiet Riot View Post
Yup. It would break at the knot about 5-10lbs less than others I tried with 40+ floro. I've been testing knots quite a bit and starting drags with scales for the last couple years due to pushing things harder with so cal trips and a few bigger fish hooked up here.

For albies it probably doesn't matter, breaks usually occur due to sharks or frayed line in my experience there. On 30# test it was statistically the same as sdj, doubled eye improved clinch, etc. A quick consistent tied knot is probably more important for albies here though.
Thanks. I'd like to test 25#, 40#, 50# and 60# mono, but I only have a spring scale. I would guess that this has been done, though. I'll snoop around and post up if I find anything interesting. I don't use fluorocarbon.
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