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Originally Posted by DogZilla15 View Post
Yea, 20 ounces is a lot to hang off any of today’s style rods. I’ve got ‘em but if conditions say 20, I’m not fishing there.

Remember folks, how much lead we use had a lot to do with the line. I run a 30 lb. top shot over 50 which goes through the water better than straight 65 which is what most use. When others are using 16, I’m fishing 12. This doesn’t mean a whole lot if everyone is happy with their setup the way it is.
Kind of funny how folks adapt... or don't.

When f4b first started fishing with me, 8 oz seemed excessive while 12 oz of lead seemed virtually insurmountable.

Fast forward 8 years and he feels nekkid with anything less than a pound hanging off his rod.

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