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Default 12'3" okuma mooching rod

Everything is a trade-off, boys.

The impetus for a 12-footer is a better spread for the bow rods and reduced tangles.

As two other posters have pointed out, without enough meat thru the middle, the 12+ ft lever just collapses under the load of a 16- or 20-oz cannonball.

The Loomis stick was WAY soft from the get-go. I remember putting a pound of lead on one at Outdoor Emporium (sales clerk thought I was nuts) and the rod folded into the corks. EPIC fail.... it actually produced LESS effective spread than the veteran warhorse in the lineup, the 1265!

Lami finally got the "meat" part of the equation right with their XCC in the 12.5 footer. The siderigger wingspan can't be beat... even with 20-24 oz of lead! But it comes at a price.

The tradeoff is that I only have 3 guys on my exhaustive crew list capable of effectively fighting a decent fish on this stick. Because of the tremendous torque advantage to the fish, a five pounder feels like a 20 pounder to the avg Joe.

The extra length also means having to adapt at the time of the netshot. I always preach "DON'T BACK UP", esp for noobs, women and children. This stick almost DEMANDS that the rodman backs up at the final critical moment of the netshot.... either that or move forward to at least midship BEFORE attempting to lead the fish to the net.

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