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Default Re: Come on, learn how to anchor your DB!

What ever happened to having a nice relaxing day on the river? I can tell you it isnt going to be very relaxing with people like bubzilla on the river with you. first of all I stay on the oars as much as possible but I do realize that everyone cant. there are people out there with physical limitations. I am also smart enough to realize that staying on the oars isnt the only method thats works well to catch fish and so unless someone is anchored right on top of where the fish lay I have no problem with them anchoring up. there is lots more water out there and salmon and steelhead are moving fish why stress over not getting to fish one hole. I also realize that I do not own the river and everyone that is on it doesnt have to fish around my way of fishing. after reading this thread I am thinking there should be a law for river rage then maybe people like bubzilla will chill out a bit and enjoy the day instead of thinking everyones fishing habits should revolve around his. I guess the reason why I fish is different then most peoples. I fish to get out relax and enjoy the day if I get a fish or 2 then its truely a great day.
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