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Default Re: The state patrol rolling slowdown.

Originally Posted by Keta View Post
Drive right pass left and keep out of the left lane (fast lane) if you are not keeping up with the flow of trafic. If you can't/won't keep up with the flow of trafic get off the road and cause problems for those of us that prefer to drive the secondary highways.

ummm ones who are going over the posted speed limit are the ones causing the problems.. the ones going the speed limit are the ones doing the right thing and it is very very very wrong for people breaking the law to tell other people to break the law and then blame problems on them if they don't.. If a person is going the speed limit and everyone around him is speeding it is the majority who are speeding that are making things dangerous not the one obeying the law... That is the fundamental misunderstanding in this whole argument . there needs to be a huge crackdown on people going 10 mph over the posted limit on freeways.. OPS should be writing hundreds of tickets per day in Portland alone...
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