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Rags, I fished it with Gary T and Garrick today drifting from 1st bridge to Farmers Creek. I found out you know each other. We were the lucky ones there today by getting 2 nice steelhead. All other boats we talked to got skunked, so we just plain got lucky to get our stuff in front of a couple fish. We did see one caught by a bank angler. I got mine driftfishing a peach corky and small egg cluster and Gary got his on a custom painted 30 Hot Shot. I went by the Wilson R. Sollie takeout on the way home and boaters told me the same slow story there. Where are the fish? - I need to go check that thread. - RT ....

Edit: I was told the re-cycled fish are from the Three Rivers hatchery, and run up from Cloverdale and right back up Three Rivers to the hatchery again.

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