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Default Re: Mark Yano

I believe the greatest compliment you can pay someone, is to say they will be missed.

Mark Yano will be missed.

Everyone who knows me, knows that for most of my adult life I have been a pasionate salmon fisherman, always trying to learn more, develop better tecniques, and always showing tremendous respect for these magnificent animals.

I owe all of that, to Mark Yano.

After moving to Oregon in 1978, I played a bit at salmon and steelhead fishing, but never had much success. I would try and fail and never understood the real joy that comes from this obsession. In the mid 80's a friend of a friend introduced me to Mark Yano. He invited my to join him on a drift boat trip down the Trask on a bright, chilly Fall day. That was the end of my indifference to salmon fishing. His intensity, passion, and childish enthusiasm for his sport was like a drug for me. I wanted more. For the next few years a fished often with Mark, in the spring and the fall at the coast, and other spots as well. He was a willing teacher, laughing at me at one point and saying, "I have nothing to worry about, it will take you 15 years to be a threat to me!" This feuled my passion even more, and I soaked up his vast knowledge of reading water, boatmanship, backbouncing skill, and most of all, his bait secrets. As the years went on I fished less with Mark, as I tried to establish my own identity as a salmon fisherman, but never lost my respect for him as a man, or my admiration for him as a true master of his world. When I would see Mark on the river, he would always flash that huge Hawiian smile, say "Hey Marko" and tell me a lie about the contents of his box. As the next 15 years went by I reaped the benefits from my "Yano" education, but I am sure I never became a threat to him on the river.

As I have continued to fish and pass on my knowledge to others, to teach my son the subtle ways of the salmon, it is always Mark's lessons I am teaching.

Mark Yano will live on in my fondest memories.

The passion and intensity with which he lived, is how I try to live.

His relentless efforts to be better at his skill, to be the best, is the pattern for life I have taught my children.

I owe Mark Yano a lot.

He will be missed........
"Life is setting the hook, everything else is just passing time"
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