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Default Re: Knot to swim bait and iron

San Deigo Jam Knot. That's a new one on me. There are a bunch of different knot's all of which work well. Palomar knot is good as any, I use it some. Not sure what the rest are called. I think the one I use most is called a cinch knot, not sure. Yea I think that's it. they have what they call the improved cinch knot. I used to use it but finally decided it didn't do a anything the regular knot wouldn't do! Saw another new way for I think they called it a cinch knot. Good for tying on leader to a hook before you attach the leader to the main line. Faster but I don't see an advantage to it. Somebody should make a book or video with all the different type's knot's in it, probably make a fortune!
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