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Grandpa sure was great wasn't he christi. Yeah, this is your big brother here. I was just thinking about the cribbage tourney, grandpa and I almost won. Dad and family friend Dan ganged up on the competition, but it was the grandson and the ol man who took it to em, when the cards were dealt. Grandpa was giving it to those guys all the way home.
A week before he died, he brought that 8 year old subject again like it was yesterday. laughed and laughed. Dad didn't like it very much.
I am really missing him right now. Just been thinkin about grandpa lately with Michael's 5th birthday coming tomorrow, and grandpa not being there. You know, Michael was a little too young to brave the upper northfork with his great grandpa yet. I guess I'll leave that up to Dad now.

Michael did fish the northfork the other day with Dad (Mark erickson) and he caught several huge cutthroat. Right under the same bridge I used to limit out under. He and I haven't been skunked one day since Grandpa passed away. I think that Grandpa is still leading his family to the fish in that ol river. So much fun to watch my son fishin the same river I learned on, I just wish that my teacher was still around to teach.
Anyways, I just had to start writing these things when they pop into my head, so I won't forget.
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