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Default Re: Tales of Jim Erickson

Can we really tell all now?

OK, I'll tell one I swore I'd never tell. Let me be perfectly clear here, though. Jim didn't throw out garbage, EXCEPT for my benefit.

Jim liked to tick me off. Knowing that I am a bit of a greenie, one day he tossed out a candy wrapper. I got SO mad at him! I mean really ticked! He was in one boat, me in the other.

So, I made Bill pull anchor, and we went and dipped it out of the water, me scowling at him, the whole time.

So, pretty soon we were off to another location. Jim speeding up in his boat, Bill and I following in his wake.

All the sudden, I started noticing garbage in the water... EVERYWHERE!

So, I turned Bill around and we started plucking it out.
Bill was not pleased that I made him do this, but I detest garbage in the water. Bill does too, but he was in the mood to catch fish, not play Beach clean up.

Soon enough, we are catching up with them, and I notice Jim is throwing things out of the boat on purpose! Just to tick me off! I mean when he got low on paper, it started to be pop cans, and whole pop cans, full! And then whatever else he had! He was laughing so hard, and I... I... WAS NOT!

But, I am now!

That is... in between my tears.

Dang, I'd love some garbage in the water, right now.

Jim's favorite saying that would make me mad when he tossed out the garbage that he KNEW I'd clean up..., "Oh! This will make the beach clean up people so happy!"

I know he didn't mean that... and only said it to tick me off!

Toot toot!

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