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OK, one more then I'll quit and watch instead.
This is Jim Martin's favorite Jim story (beside the one where Jim wouldn't go back through the jaws the day Martin's wife got seasick after crossing the Nehalem Bar):

Gov. John Kitzhaber is fishing with Jim, Jim Martin and Buzz Ramsey...Kitzhaber hooks a fish...Ramsey grabs Jim's net, but the fish easily zooms through a large hole in the net (Jim was a bit tough on equipment) and makes another long run. Now Kitzhaber is fighting the fish through the net while Jim casually takes some shoestring out of his pocket and goes to work on the webbing (held together in similar fashion in several places)..."The last governor's fish that went through this net was Vic Atiyeh's," Jim says...Kitzhaber doesn't miss a beat either.
"This is because I vetoed the cormorant bill, isn't it?"
(They ultimately landed the fish).
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