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Default Re: How to bait a hook, commercial style (herring)

Thanks Mark.

I figured the ******* would be all about speed and simplicity. I will have to see about getting some of this gear at Englunds and giving it a try.

Roll for me is a 1 foot or bigger barrel roll on the bait. Not the quick flip, flip, flip of a Coho bait that spins on it's axis. The RSK is pretty high maintenance but it allows just about anyone to get a nice bait roll.

The combo that is working on 'Pilar' is a 4 foot 60# leader and a 4/0 trailing hook with a 5/0 top hook snelled fixed on the leader 4 inches apart.

60# because you hook Halibut and lings. This is all dragged behind an Abe and Al about 18" long with reflecto tape on one side. The action is a slowwwwwwww roll with a little jerk, jerk from the flasher as it rotates. At some point I am going to try Threemuch's trick of pinning the flasher on the ball to get rid of that drag on the line.
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