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I have been making this soup nearly constantly all of November cooking all my ducks fresh - I kind of lost track but I think I just completed the 6th batch.

My fifth batch got fed to 8 people who have never eaten duck previously and they all loved it. This is a great way to use the underutilized parts of ducks that everyone can enjoy.

In the case of my 6th batch I added all the meat from a rice breast mallard I shot last Thursday. Typically I do not eat ducks with rice breast but hate to let the bird go to waste. So, this time I added that bird, breast and all, to the crock pot mix for soup and it turned out fantastic.

Currently I am out of fresh duck and have one limit frozen for later use. Tomorrow I will go out and see about getting another limit but the weather is going to be super blue bird conditions. The tide is in the morning so hopefully they will fly well at first light through the high tide.

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