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Originally Posted by AlseaAssassin View Post
Great post Andy! I have a question for you though:

Do you recommend the 1/4 ounce weighted sploosh balls or 1/4 ounce unweighted sploosh balls then add slinky if need be? I used the weighted versions last year on the Clackamas with quite a bit of success but thought they might be tapping to much (despite catching quite a few fish). Then I switched to the unweighted version and I didn't think they tapped enough (which always makes me nervous that I'm missing fish). Thanks in advance.
I use the 3/4 unweighted as much as possible. That's what I use when I add the slinky.

The weighted version does tap a lot, but is good in water deeper than 6 feet that is fast. If it's a short run, a slinky works best, but if it's a longer run, longer than a couple hundred feet, then the sploosh ball will get a better extended drift.

Also remember to set up the drift in advance. A lot of times we cast into fast water where they may not be fish, but we are allowing the bait to get down and into the zone when you first get to the "fishy" water.
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