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Default Re: Side-drifting Chetco style (Online Seminar)

There are times when I'll toss a line out while fishing people up front. I'm more likely to do it when I just have a single to get another bait in the water.

But be careful when fishing from the rower's seat. Your first priority has to be the lines of the guys up front. If you don't concentrate on keeping the boat in line, and keeping the baits in the zone, you won't catch anything.

On the long flats, which the Chetco is famous for, I'll fling a line upstream behind the boat after my customers cast and then sit on the rod butt and leave it. Don't take time adjusting your line, because you will mess up the lines in front. Occasionally while dragging a bait on your rod you will nail a fish.

If fishing by yourself, cast out to the side and then concentrate on rowing. Long flats are the best place to do this. Seems like everytime you grab your rod to adjust it your boat makes it way into the middle of the river, so handle your rod as little as possible.

One thing that may help when fishing by yourself (or with passengers for that matter) is to angle the bow slightly toward the drift. That way you can pull back away from the baits. You can also scull, although doing it over time may cause problems for your wrists and elbows (don't scull if you aren't using flexible, wood oars, like Sawyer Lites and DynaLite blades).
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