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Default Re: Northwest Steelheaders thread

I had a wonderful time walking around the show yesterday with Russell and Kristin and the two "Future Steelheaders" thanking all of our fabulous business sponsors and supporters, as well as working to establish connections with other sponsors.

I just want to remind everyone that while you're out and about, swing by the two Northwest Steelheaders booths, booth 1412 in the Hall A, and booth 504 behind the Adair Homes display in Hall D., and say hello. Booth 504 has a replica of the boat we're raffling off, as well as tickets for the Alaska trip. They're also signing people up for show special memberships.

$20 for a yearly membership to the Steelheaders at the show! For $20 you get a membership and Northwest Steelheaders bag. For $25 you get a bag and a towel and a yearly membership, for $30 you get a "50 Years Working for Fish" hat, towel and bag, and your membership!

What a Great deal!

Also - don't forget the knife sharpening in the Fred Meyer booth near the Breezeway between halls C and D by the Fast Draw competition. $3.00 to have your knife professionally sharpened, and 100% of the proceeds go to the Northwest Steelheaders.

Enjoy the show!
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