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Default Re: the need to go fishing

Thanks assAssin, it was worth it. Gregotis98, sorry I missed it. We usually do well out there on the first trip or two. Easy limits. Why is it different this year?

Mark Mc, improvements include a higher opening to the under bow area. This makes it possible to put the blue 55 gallon tote under the bow. Of course that meant tearing out the whole dashboard and windshield, changing it and remaking part of it. I reupped the wood bezel for the windshield. The old one was pretty bad. We spent alot of time sealing this area to keep the spray and drips out of the wiring behind the dash. I also cleaned up the ground bus bar in the stern with a new one mounted in a more convenient location. The trailer winch was replaced too. Coming soon, a handle for the passenger to cling to on rough days and a handle to help when you climb into the boat on the trailer. I ripped out the noisy bilge blowers and old hoses and replaced them.

And then some boat jewelry. We redid the pole holder mounts in Teak and added new teak step blocks near the stern. And I finally got the bait box covers, made by Ray Taber, installed. If they work as well as the bow rails he made last year, they will be awesome.

On the wish list is some new vinyl diamond plate flooring, full length, a new kicker bracket, some type of active trim tab system, a pedestal chair (like in Wak's old bluewater) to open up the deck space, and a live bait tank. Some place to store rods while running, anything has got to be better than what we do now. Ok, yeah a radar arch and Furuno radar too.

Oh and then there is the trailer, can I get an amen, Threemuch? After 2 months of sitting in the garage, the lights are rusted out.
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