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Default Re: the need to go fishing


"Boat repair hell"!! I guess that's ONE way to describe what I've been
going through this winter! First I took the boat in for the outdrive service ...
took over two months to get it done. Parts ran me about $250 and I haven't
even seen the labor bill yet!

I then took the boat back to the builder for some warrantee type paint
repair and to have an isolation transformer installed to correct some of
the electolisis problems I've been having. He took one look at the boat and
about pooped himself. Had never seen the problems I'm having, including eating
the bottom paint off (down to bare metal).

Boat builder orders the isolation transformer, they say "no problem, got one in
stock. We'll send it out in the morning". Builder gets a call the next day ... "our inventory was messed up, can't get one sent out to you until the 18th".

In the meantime, the builder informs me that the bottom paint has to be stripped
off *totally* ... bare metal. THAT'S going to require a trip down to Toledo
to the dry-dock so they can recover the sand/paint for toxic waste disposal.
Another week out of the water!

So it looks like I will get the boat back out of dry-dock on or about the
22nd. Hopefully I can get the builder to have his electronics installer come
down to Depoe bay to install the transformation invertor that day and I can
finally get her back in the water. Dunno yet. May have to have the guy from
Curry Marine come up and install it.

I'm also in the process of working with the Harbor Master at Depoe Bay to get
some of the "bad electricity" problems solved at the port. Little things like
enforcing the the rule on 50a shore power connectors and getting
El Shaddai at the end of our dock to quit using the sump pumps with the
bad power cords to keep his crab alive.

When the boat goes back in the water we're going to have a bunch of tests
done to check the potential differences between the boat/dock/shore-power/
water/etc. to see if any of the fixes (expensive ones at that!) are helping.
At the same time they are going to check several other locations around port
to see if they can find me a "cooler" spot.

Arrrggghhh!!! I just want to go fishing! I thought *this* boat was going to
be easier/less maintainence than the dory!

As a side note, I spent Sunday getting the dory de-winterized and ready to
fish. If the weather is good next Sunday/Monday I might just take the dory out
and see if'n I can't jig up a couple of Ling Cod for the table! I might even
put out a couple of crab pots! In retro-spect, the dory was soooo much
easier than the big boat!

Me?? I don't have any answers ... I just wanna fish!!
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