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Originally Posted by StickFish View Post
Depends on who you get your updates from. I don't doubt updates from Verizon have malware to mess with your phone after 2 years. But updates from Verizon are like almost never. They screw with it to take features out they make you pay for.

Since I got the Pixel XL and now the Pixel 3 even though my provider is Verizon, I get the updates from Google, every month. Been on 9 for a while. No issues where or the 24 updates my XL got before I upgraded.
I have at&t. I can remember 2 times over the years an automatic update starting on its own but i was able to pop out the battery each time before it got going. I also remember the only time i went into an at&t store, my wifi was on and the monent i left my phone started getting hotter and hotter but i popped out the battery and was ok. I think they tried to nuke my phone cuz it was old. Im kind of a conspiracy theorist
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