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Default Re: Just moved to Oregon and trying to figure out zones

Originally Posted by pinhead2 View Post
The regs are really frustrating if you are new to the area. From Tongue Point (where or what is a Tongue Point?) and the Twanna Power Lines (WHAT????). Washington isn't any better (Number 5 Fishway??). I'm local and I understand what you are going through.
Tongue point is at the East end of Astoria. Big chunk of land jutting into the river.

The Wauna power lines are at Wauna mill basically just downriver of Westport, Oregon and across from Cathlamette, Washington.

To the OP, you can catch tons of pikeminnows on night crawlers, as well as carp, suckers, and even bass. There's a fair amount of small mouth around the island.

Be careful leaving gear unattended with bait on the bottom, sturgeon do lurk under the house boats. They've been know to make light gear disappear, but also fun to fight a 3' sturgeon on a trout rod from the dock.
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