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Default Re: Just moved to Oregon and trying to figure out zones

Originally Posted by Beefcake View Post
You have to click on the zone to see the permanent rules, then read the exceptions for the specific body of water, then back out and look up the in-season regulation changes for the zone. The new website is a disaster to navigate. I still use a paper copy of the regs for the general regs and permanent regs / exceptions, then I only have to look up the changes online. Also, the weekly recreation report for your zone can be a good reference (it often contains basic info about what is open, but you still have to look at the permanent regs for things like hook restrictions).

To answer some of your specific questions, today was the last day for salmon until they either issue an extension or until the run update in May. I’m sure any re-opening will be discussed at length here. I don’t think I’ve ever fished that side of the island for springers, but I bet a few run that side. When fall comes around, most of the salmon stick to the deeper channel on the north side of the island.

I believe you can catch and release sturgeon from your dock if that rings your bell. There are also walleye there (I believe open year-round with no limits on size or number, but please confirm). Finally, there are a ton of northern pikeminnow in that area; you might even make a few bucks if you’re willing to check in with the sport reward fishery at the Gleason ramp before fishing every day.

Enjoy your new houseboat! Tomahawk / Hayden / Jantzen Island can be great fun if you can deal with the bridge traffic. I especially enjoy the boat-in restaurants near you (Island Cafe, The Deck, Inn at the Quay, and a couple others that I don’t remember names of); boating to dinner makes it an adventure.

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Just the info I was looking for, thank you very much. I'm not opposed to slaying some pike minnows lol I'll check it out. I bet there are a bunch under the docks.

Honestly we were regretting moving here until we moved to Hayden, it's a totally different and refreshing experience from the other side of the water...the last house we were at near the city had people rummaging through the recycling and car and snooping around the house every night, to the point I was becoming sleep deprived from being startled awake every night thinking someone was inside every time the house creaked, or heat kicked on, or I heard footsteps outside my window, and had to disconnect and hide my computer every time I left the house, fully expecting it to be burglarized.
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